The Death of Nipsey Hussle


Nipsey Hussle was Relatable

I’m not into rap like I use to be – I prefer the old school (my old school – meaning early 2000s when I was a youngun). There are a few rappers that I listen to now, and one of them was Nipsey Hussle.  He had an allure about him.  Maybe it was the cute pics of him and his kids or him and Lauren London.  He seemed more relatable than these young bucks (who I can’t understand). Nipsey Hussle died after being gunned down outside his clothing store on the afternoon of Sunday, 3/31. He was 33 years old. There has been an outpouring of grief from celebrities who posted on social media. There was also a big showing of people in the neighboorhood who came to the store to console one another after the tragedy.

Biggie & Tupac

I’m old enough to remember when Tupac was shot and his killers were never caught. I was born and raised in New York, so here the death of Biggie was enormous. People dancing to the song Hypnotize in the streets of Brooklyn outside Biggie’s funeral. The streets mourned and people Spread love the Brooklyn way as Biggie had rapped about in his song Juicy. I still listen to Biggie. We got a Biggie film, but what we didn’t get was his killers brought to justice!


Am I the only one living in a bubble or were you shocked by this as well?  Somehow, after all the senseless violence back in the day, I thought we’d transcended this.  After all, from the reports I’ve seen so far, this was not a robbery so what was it then a hit? And if so, why was Nipsey murdered?


According to CNN, Nipsey Hussle had been scheduled to meet the LAPD to discuss ways he could help stop gang violence. There are also conspiracy theories related to a documentary Nipsey Hussle was making about Dr. Sebi (who claimed to have found a cure for AIDS back in the 80s).  I don’t care much about conspiracy theories, beef, who said what and why – all I know is that somebody’s husband, father, brother, son and friend is dead.  At 33 years old, you’ve only lived a third of your life, and it’s too soon to be gone.  Especially when you started a business in and gave back to the community you grew up in. 

Doing His Thing

A man is making it, Nipsey Hussle taking care of his family and even nominated for best rap album this year at the Grammy’s.  Being shot down in the street is not supposed to happen to someone like Nipsey.  He’s doing everything right.  Perhaps, it’s making me think of my own mortality. Like Biggie and Tupac, he seemed to have that look and personality of someone you used to know back in the day.  It kind of makes you feel like it was a friend of yours that just passed. 


So, Rest in Peace Nipsey Hussle.  Hopefully, your friends and family will pick up the torch.  My wish is that whoever killed you will be brought to justice because we have seen that NOT happen too many times.  I don’t want that to happen again. 

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