Bigger than Neverland!


Oprah has been getting a lot of heat for the interview she did after the ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary. I’ve heard it said that we don’t need any more negative representations of black men especially in the wake of the R. Kelly sexual abuse scandal. I’ve also heard it said that Michael is dead and can’t defend himself so this should have never come up.


I want to refute one of these arguments. As for Michael Jackson and the black man comment, I will leave it to you to fill in the blanks “Blank Stare.”

Now as for Michael being dead, well my father molested me until he died when I was 5, I’m now 44. Does that mean, I’m less traumatized? Does that mean, I don’t have the right to speak on it because he’s not here to defend himself? No, it doesn’t. There is a lot of healing in speaking out.

Is it True?

Now, are they telling the truth, who knows? It’s not like, you as a child, know what’s going on and are collecting evidence to be used later to prove your claim. I don’t have any proof minus stories so graphic that no sane child or adult would make up about their father. Michael did some very questionable things. He did enough out in the open to make me uncomfortable with the possibilities when nobody was looking. Remember that old saying “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.” However, let’s take Michael Jackson out of the equation. If the average person did some of the crap he did, you wouldn’t need further proof to believe the accusers.

Inappropriate Behavior

You don’t have to go as far as having sex with a child for your behavior to be inappropriate. When I was a child, a neighbor would chase me trying to kiss me every time he saw me. He did this in front of my mother as if he was teasing. I didn’t like it one bit, and my mother said nothing. I’m guessing she felt uncomfortable but didn’t want to embarrass him. Considering I must have been around 5 or 6 at the time and thought about it while watching Oprah’s interview I would say it did traumatize me. Doing things like unwanted, chasing or touching (anywhere on the body) or anything that makes that child or their parents feel uncomfortable with your presence is just unacceptable. If you exhibit these types of behaviors, then there is something very wrong, and you should seek treatment immediately.

What’s the Value?

Oprah’s response to the haters was that this discussion is much bigger than Michael Jackson and I agree. If you have a child, you should take notice and watch Oprah’s interview. It talks about how predators groom children. The predator is not always the person you suspect. You would probably guess it would be the uncle that your son or daughter doesn’t like that’s the problem. It could be “the FAVORITE” uncle! It could be your most attentive friend or neighbor.

Had you asked me when I was four who I loved more, I would have told you, Daddy. Let that sink in.

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  1. I’m thankful this did not define you. You’re a strong independent Black Woman.
    I hope you can talkie this more as there are many people that just don’t know how to identify inappropriate behaviors. They think is just a joke, it not that serious until it’s out of control.


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