What’s My Middle Claw?

The Short answer: I Will Scratch You! No….NOT YOU!

The Long answer: It’s me in my cat form, and I no longer have hands. I have paws, and my claws are out, so I’m doing the best to let you know “I’ll scratch you.” Not you, per se’ but whoever is annoying me at the moment…I guess you know what I mean. You’ve been there. We’ve all been there. I’m going to talk about it….and other stuff. Traumatic Stuff! Stuff that you may not want to tell about yourself but you may know someone, you may know someone who knows someone, or it could be YOU – it might help you to hear. Sometimes funny and sometimes so…NOT.  At the end of the day, we all want to be Happyish, Healthyish, and Healing from what some vile human has done to us. I invite you on this journey of healing and a little foolishness sometimes……….Will you come along for the ride?


What Will I Blog About?

“I’ll be blogging about any and everything but mostly about the struggles of growing up in this cold world as a woman.”

  • Being a black woman in corporate America
  • Being a woman still healing from being molested as a child
  • My journey to wellness from lifelong anxiety and depression
  • Being an advocate for your own healthcare when your healthcare provider just doesn’t care
  • FIBROIDS – I can write a book on this topic
  • Other topics that may come up that have touched my heart, my soul, my core or rocked it for better or worse.

WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

I’m currently on a weight loss journey for the umpteenth time. A lot of people think it’s okay to have ass for days. Yeah, that’s all fine and dandy but with a real big ass come matching thighs, and a little bit of this and a little bit of that that you would prefer was not there. As you age, you’ll also get a few health indicators that say “You’re too f**king fat and need to slim down for your health.” I have been there and back.  I’m there now and will speak on it.

GEMS (Let the Schooling Begin)

Professionally, I have 20 years of  Project Management experience. As far as education goes, I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration.  However, I’m a life long learner.  I think I’ve learned the skills that are of most value to me by experiencing a crisis, asking questionings, dealing with people, reading and living life.  I want to share a few Gems with you on a multitude of topics.

NEWS (In the News)

With number 45 in office and celebrities showing out every single day, there are lots of things to discuss and have an opinion on. Sometimes you have to forget your dumbness and watch these fools act a damn donkey for your entertainment pleasure. Consider judging them and talking about them like a dog afterward like a form of therapy! Hey, it’s all in good fun.

How I communicate?

In a corporate environment, I would use Standard American English (SAE). However, I was hired and being paid to do so. In this setting, I write in the manner that I choose to and that is leaning toward African American Vernacular English (AAVE). The AAVE style of speech is my authentic voice. It’s how I would communicate with my friends and family (regardless of race), which is why I chose it. I can’t speak my truth and do it in a vernacular that is pleasing to the masses. I’ve also clearly stopped caring about people who judge about patterns of speech or anything else.If this bothers you, then I’m guessing you wouldn’t be reading my blog. By chance, this does bother you “My Middle Claw”!